Social Networking: An Overview

6 Feb

A Social Network can be defined as any site that allows you to connect directy with other people and network. This is the topic of the class for this week, so I will write a post summarizing what we learned this week in Journalism 2.0. There are many different types of social networks, including professional networks, networks meant for chatting and informing, networks meant for sharing and providing content, collaborating, and more. It is no surprise that Facebook is the most popular social network, followed by blgoger, twitter, wordpress, linkedin, pinterest, and more. Myspace barely makes the list anymore, which just goes to show how quickly the internet changes in time. I remember when Myspace was the most popular social network to be a part of. Not only are social networks connecting old friends and distant family members, but it is also allowing politicians a new platform for campaigning. Obama is the first United States president to make use of the Podcast, and his internet donations during his 2008 campaign were at a record high. Social networks have changed the world and the way in which we connect, and it is a fascinating topic. Along with social networks are Microblogs, or sites such as twitter that allow for short posts and updates. Obviously, twitter is the most popular form of microblogging. Newspapers often make use of microblogging tools to maintain a constant update for their readers. People were able to find out about the Casey Anthony verdict instantly through CNN´s twitter account and constant updates. Microblogging platforms have also allowed for citizen journalism, or regular people being given a space to generate news stories. Image


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